Heroes Reborn

I’m fully prepared to disappoint you with my ennui about this show. . .

Network: NBC
Day/Time: Wednesday 8 e/7 c
Where are we?: All over the world!

There’s an evo/human convention in Odessa, TX (next door is the Friday Night Lights reunion panel). Noah calls his daughter, Claire (she was the cheerleader in the original, right?) and says how he misses her and is looking forward to seeing her, then BOOM. A bomb goes off and pretty sure Claire died. . .at least as long as Nashville is still on the air.

We cut to various parts of the world where various people are running. I’m sure there’s a significance, but I never got into the original show, so I dunno.

There’s a group meeting with a code word in Chicago (oh, hey guys!) and the teenager needs to leave but drops his ice cream punch card. Noooooo!!! Then Zachary Levi tells a story about how his kid was killed in the explosion and then he and his friend shoot everybody. Wait whaaaa?

Then the show really jumps around. . .

Austin – Noah is giving a speech about regret. . .to sell a car. A creepy guy is in the lot watching him as his fiancee yammers on about choosing a band and getting white dishes.

East LA – Ex-soldier is giving a speech to a school about being a hero in Afghanistan. . .while secretly pouring whiskey into his pop.

Carbondale – Teenager who escaped the shooting is getting bullied at school. Hears about the coach at school (who was also at the meeting) and “died in a fire.”

Chicago – Guy who saw the kid run out of the fire goes to give a description to the police. This guy (apparently posing as a detective?) with a suitcase full of pennies spins one in front of him and then the guy forgets everything.

Japan – There’s a piece of paper leading some dude to an apartment. There’s a girl there who’s clearly surprised. He explains that he’s some super gamer who beat some level in a game and was given the address within the game. Also, the girl looks like a character in that game. As she kicks him out, he sees a door that looks like it could be in that game he’s obsessed with.

Ok, so back with the teenager, some girl who works at his favorite ice cream place offers him a job (just don’t take it from your sibling. We’ve all seen that Brady Bunch ep, right?). He’s like “Yeah, that’s a great idea, nobody will try to kill me there because I accidentally dropped my punch card.”

Over in Noah’s neck of the woods, guy watching him shows up at his house and Noah runs out to confront him. Guy is basically like “Something big is coming! Oh shit. You called the cops?”

At the garage that the solider now works at, we learn that there’s some vigilante keeping the streets safe and spraying his face on walls. Oh, and there’s the masked guy fighting some blonde woman and throwing a knife at her. Yiiiikes. The solider goes to find his friend and realizes that he’s the vigilante. . .and he’s hurt.

Back at the ice cream shop, that guy got the job! Zachary Levi is there and the kid doesn’t know he’s a bad guy (well, his character is). The chick who also shot people at the beginning comes in, and the boy goes outside with them. The girl who hired him follows and the bad woman goes to shoot her. The boy uses his powers to get the bad guys out of there. Then talks about he’s lame because he doesn’t know where they go. Ugh, stop being so emo! You have a superpower!

Then, some chick stares at a hole in the arctic.

Reaction: I think I made it through about two episodes of the original Heroes, so this show isn’t so much my thing. There’s a lot going on alluding to more to come, which I’m sure is exciting for fans of the show. It’s well done and there’s a lot going on. . .but I don’t so much want to get sucked in.

What It’s Against on My TiVo:
Grey’s Anatomy
What it’s against that night:

ABC: Grey’s Anatomy
CBS: Thursday Night Football
CW: Vampire Diaries
FOX: Bones

Verdict: Not Adding

Prediction: This is a tough one. . .it’s against some stiff competition with football and Grey’s. I also feel like the ratings expectations will be kind of high, since it’s tapping into the Heroes fan base. So far, it looks like a good show, so I’m gonna say. . .
Yes to Season 2

The Breakdown
Quote from Kid Who’s Too Smart: No kids!
Over-dramatic News Promo: Watched on my computer. . .but extra categories are below
Thing My Dad Was Doing While I’m Trying to Watch the Show: Watching The Simpsons
Mom’s Take: (Not sure. . .she was watching something in another room too!)
Unnecessary Slam on Something Innocuous: Denver (“People in Canada are nice!” “Yeah, you said that about Denver. . .”)
Cops or FBI Agents?: Cops

Oh my gosh! That’s. . .




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