The Muppets

The Muppets. . .in a bizarro world

Network: ABC
Day/Time: Tuesday 8 e/7 c
Where are we?: LA

Kermit (who’s packed on a few foam pounds. . .) is leading a meeting of writers, and if we know anything about trying to organize and lead a group of Muppets, we know it’ll be full of jokes and lacking focus. Miss Piggy makes her grand entrance being horrible to everyone (was she always such an asshole? Probably. . .), and we see he turn it on for the audience. A performer in every respect.

Fozzy goes to meet his (human) girlfriend’s parents and they are NOT ok with the implied bestiality. Or bears. After the dad makes a comment about shitting the woods, Fozzy draws the line. . .and offers to have them meet Miss Piggy. Because comedians pretty much always just want to be liked. . .at any cost. Also, when he calls her, she doesn’t really know who he is. . .which. . .what?

Kermit is fretting about what to do and his new pig girlfriend shows up. She seems um. . .eager to please, but Kermit is all work. Miss Piggy is refusing to have Elizabeth Banks on the show, so Kermit and Skeeter book Tom Bergeron. Kermit then grows a pair (well, whatever the frog equivalent is. . .which I should know, since I think the one I dissected in 6th grade was male. . .) and says that they’re having Elizabeth Banks on regardless and Miss Piggy will just have to deal with it.

The writers are informed of the idea and rightfully think that shit’s gonna hit the fan. Instead of just telling Miss Piggy and telling her to deal, they plan to just surprise her with it. . .which will end well, I’m sure. Being a consummate pro, E. Banks shows up early, so they essentially kidnap her and take her on a studio tour.

Miss Piggy sees her, throws a shit fit in front of human girlfriend’s parents, berates Fozzy, and then runs off. The parents are not thrilled and leave more upset than ever. Kermit goes to talk to Piggy, and she tells him the reason she doesn’t want her there is because they broke up in front of a poster of her at a Pitch Perfect 2 showing. Also, they broke up as bf/gf, not husband/wife, which I’ll talk more about in the Reaction section. . .

Kermit realizes that he’s been insensitive (meh. arguable.) and Piggy agrees to interview her anyway. She also comments on Kermit’s weight gain, so it’s not just my imagination! The show goes on and Elizabeth Banks and Piggy make passive aggressive digs at each other. Oh women.

Overall, it’s your usual campy Muppet capery fun, but with a little more of a sardonic twist. I’m not a Muppet expert, but I find it hard to believe that Miss Piggy wouldn’t know who Fozzy is. Also, I just watched Kermit and Miss Piggy’s wedding at the end of Muppets Take Manhattan. . .so I know they were married and not just dating, while this show just has them as bf/gf. So, just a few holes in the Muppet lore. . .  Anyway, I enjoy the jokes that are over kids’ heads but fun for adults, and it’s fun to see a little bit from each of our favorite characters each week!

What It’s Against on my Tivo: Nothing!

What it’s against that night:
CW: The Flash
FOX: Grandfathered (new)
NBC: The Voice results show

Verdict: Probably won’t add. . .but may check in on from time to time

Prediction: Had pretty good ratings (but nothing beats reality singing competition shows). They’ll probably drop a little bit, but I think they’ll remain solid.
Yes to Season 2.

The Breakdown
Quote from Kid Who’s Too Smart: No kids!
Over-dramatic News Promo: Had to watch On-Demand at my parents’ house. . .so I’ll add a couple special categories for that. . .
Thing My Dad Was Doing While I’m Trying to Watch the Show: Fix the gas fireplace
Mom’s Take: “I didn’t think it was very good, but the second episode was better.” (Spoiler!)
Unnecessary Slam on Something Innocuous: Tom Bergeron (“You went to Dancing with the Stars and the only star you brought back was Tom Bergeron?!”)

Oh my gosh! That’s. . .

Sam the Eagle

Sam the Eagle!


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