Side effects may include being a know-it-all

Network: CBS
Day/Time: Tuesday 10 e/9 c
Where are we?: NYC

Guy is running through the streets, being chased by FBI agents, goes into the subway, has a gun pulled on him, jumps in front of the train and it stops inches from his face. LIMITLESS.

He introduces himself to us – his name is Brian Finch (nice to meet you), and he’s failing at being a successful musician. He goes to judgey family dinners where they wonder when he’ll be a doctor already, and then his dad collapses.

Doctors don’t know what’s going on, but Brian gets a job as temp at a large bank to get some money to live off of. He has to file some stuff and falls asleep and one of his old bandmates who’s now an i-banker finds him and takes him to lunch. At lunch he gives him Super Ritalin (NZT), which causes him to know everything about everything and have a Montage of Insufferableness (playing guitar in the park like a prodigy, making everybody’s chess moves for them, fixing the hot dog cart hot dogs). He goes to get more pills from his friend, but he’s dead! And the pills are gone! The FBI agents swarm in and Brian escapes b/c he knows his own hand strength or something.

He spends the night cramming medical texts and figures out what his dad has. Turns out he’s right, but his dad needs a new liver. He needs more NZT! He figures somebody else who should have some, and that guy is dead too! He breaks into the FBI agent’s apt and basically says they can help each other and that her dad is dead. She’s like “Get out of my head! And my home!”  and he scoots.

Also, these pills. . .how long is the dosage? What do they taste like? I imagine they’re citrusy. Anyway, it turns out that the government studied people on these pills and they look like meth addicts after a year. Gross. He breaks into someone he figured out was also on the pills (due to his superbrain), and that guy (Adam) acts afraid of Brian but then shoots him in the leg. Turns out that bandmate using the pills was the reason that this guy wasn’t getting as much bonus money and he had to put a stop to it. He’s also every bit as douchey as you’d expect.

Brian flees and calls the FBI agent to figure out how to bandage himself back up. She’s all like “Why would I help you? And why do you think I know how to do that?” and then is like “Ok, here’s exactly how you do that.” I feel like she kind of sucks. Grow a backbone, FBI agent! Also, do you know the agents from Blindspot? You work in the same office. . .

He passes out while digging a bullet out of his leg and wakes up to Bradley Cooper (is that all it takes?), who’s a Senator and takes shots to combat the side effects of NZT. He’s taken it for 4 years and doesn’t have meth face! He offers to let Brian have the shot if he is his helper. . .or something. And keeps his mouth shut.

Brian calmly robs a bank to get into Adam’s security box (with the FBI agent) and they find his NZT pills. Byyeeee Adam. The FBI figures out that Brian doesn’t have the normal side effects of the pill and want to study him. . .while also offering him a consulting job.

Oh, and the dad is okay because they figured out how to fix him. And he’s not Joel Grey as I originally thought in the first scene.

Oh, you have a superpower? The FBI will find you! I’m curious what BCoops wants with him and how this will play out beyond figuring out what happened to his friend. I also heard that it’s morphed more into a Chuck-type show, so it’ll likely be a little more fun in future eps. It was an enjoyable episode though!

What It’s Against on my Tivo: Nothing!

What it’s against that night:
ABC: Beyond the Tank
CW: Local News
FOX: Local News
NBC: Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Verdict: Not adding

Prediction: There’s not much else on at that time, and it’s holding steady with Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (which I don’t review because it’s not a story-based show, but it’s super fun and you should check it out).
Yes to Season 2

The Breakdown
Quote from Kid Who’s Too Smart: No kids!
Over-dramatic News Promo: Watched on my computer. . .but extra categories are below
Thing My Dad Was Doing While I’m Trying to Watch the Show: Asking Quartana how to pronounce about 10-15 different words. Also, he fixed the fireplace while I was writing this review.
Mom’s Take: “The first episode? Oh yeah, that’s good.”
Unnecessary Slam on Something Innocuous: Normal brains?

Oh my gosh! That’s. . .

Bradley Cooper!

Bradley Cooper!


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