It’s a crime procedural with a different skin. . .full of tats. . .

Network: NBC
Day/Time: Monday 10 e/9 c
Where are we?: NYC

A suspicious bag shows up in Times Square with a tag saying to content the FBI? Is it a bomb? Nope. It’s the love child of Anne Hathaway and Audrey Tautou all tatted up and crawling out of this (otherwise cute) sea foam green bag.

This chick was given a crazy amount of some drug that makes you suffer memory loss. She doesn’t know who she is or why she has tats or who gave her that cute haircut. NOTHING! She doesn’t know why an FBI agent’s name is tatooed between her shoulder blades. What she does remember is how to speak and read Chinese (fun fact, it’s believed that second languages, no matter when you learn them in life, are always active in your brain). The FBI takes her in and catalog her tattoos. They find some tat on the side of her neck that has today’s date in Chinese and elicits this dialogue:

-“Argh. It was right under our nose!” – Agent 1
-“Actually, it was behind her ear.” – Agent Pun Guy (my new favorite character on tv)They go to Chinatown because some clue led them there (I mean, besides the tat in Chinese), and the lady talks them into letting her go with. . .in case they need to translate something. While in Chinatown, the agents holding down the fort discover that she already had some ink that was covered up by the new stuff. It was a Navy SEAL logo. But they don’t have women! Or if they have women, they’re secret. . .oooohhhhhhhhh. The lady overhears the building super beating on his wife and goes down to stop it and then instinctively beats the shit out of both the super and his friend who shows up to help (domestic violence, not the wife). So yeah, she has some kind of training. . .They find a video that’s set to upload in four hours, which has a guy saying (in Chinese. See? Bringing her was a good idea!) that this is them having to pay for his family dying in prison camps in China. Turns out, he plans to plant a bomb on the Subway (we think), so they follow him there, he puts it in a tunnel and then disconnects his train car and leaves! Badass FBI Agent Man (who is sadly punless), rips it down, rips C4 off of it (can you do that?!) and then tosses it down the tunnel, where it explodes and he lives. Crazy. They realize that he intended to blow up the Statue of Liberty, and they head there to fight him. I end up remember how excited I was to go there and how basically you wait in line to slowly walk up some stairs. I think the fun parts were closed when I went though. . .He has Badass Agent in a headlock with a knife and the lady (now in long sleeves, so the makeup artists can take a little break) has a gun pointed at the perp. Badass Agent knows she maybe was a Navy SEAL, so he tells her to shoot and she gets the perp in the arm. And then flashes back to some gun range somewhere led by a guy dressed like Young Obi Wan Kenobi. Perp is in the hospital and Young Obi Wan visits him and talks about how this wasn’t the deal. . .Meanwhile, Agent Who Never Leaves the Office has a heavily redacted case file in front of her that has the same number as one of the tats. . .I smell a second episode plot!!Reaction: Pretty fun show. . .it’s fun to try to figure out the case along with who this lady is. And there are enough tats for at least five seasons of this show! Speaking of, I hope the makeup artists are making bank for this show because man. . .that’s a lot of work. Hopefully they’ll keep her fully dressed as much as possible.

Show Thesis: The FBI agent’s name was in the place hardest to see. . .her Blindspot

What It’s Against on My TiVo: Nothing!

What it’s against that night:
ABC: Castle
CBS: NCIS: Los Angeles
CW: Local News
FOX: Local News

Verdict: Pretty torn, but as of now, no. It seems like an easy to show pop in on though sometimes.

Prediction: Ratings were gangbusters for this, and it’s a super fun premise for a show. Also, crime procedurals typically kill in the ratings.
Yes to Season 2.

The Breakdown
Quote from Kid Who’s Too Smart: No kids. . . but PUN GUY!
Over-Dramatic News Promo: A computer chip implanted in your arm that can open doors!!
Unnecessary Slam on Something Innocuous: Tea “It tastes like grass trimmings.”

Oh my gosh! That’s. . .

Chrissy Seaver!

Chrissy Seaver!


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