Minority Report

In the future we’ll make awkward references to the past.

Network: FOX
Day/Time: Monday 9 e/8 c
Where are we?: Washington D.C.

First things first, this is a TV show based on a movie. As usual, I haven’t seen the movie, so I have no idea how this relates or doesn’t relate to it. . .BUT, I get to enjoy it as its own thing. . .so. . .

Anyway, there are three kids who can see murders before they happen, and they’re taken from frolicking through a field (like all kids do. . .) to being part of the Pre-Crime division, getting hooked up to wires and having their brains scanned for crimes. Fun! Then the division was shut down and they were sent in to the world. Not fun.

One of them, Dash, sees a crime, sketches the guy’s face (and in the future, all drawings of perps still just look like dudes in hoodies) and then tries to stop it, but ends up running into the wrong building. Cue lady falling out of a window.

Dash jabs his face with Reverse Botox (TM), which causes his muscles in his face to melt or something. . .finds a detective and gives her his notebook. She then goes off to work flirt with her boss. Luckily, a coworker with some sort of Mike Tyson face tat calls them out on it. They quickly figure out who committed the murder, find the guy, and he dies by an I-beam falling on him. . .on purpose. Yikes.

So then, there’s a candidate who is being targeted. Girl cop (Lara) and Dash track back a search about security at his rally to a phone at the Pre-Crime jail. He’s gone, but his roomie is on the roof playing with passenger pigeons and his daughter is dodging questions but not at all suspected. Are Law & Order marathons not a thing in the future? Do you not know to suspect the person who just happens to be around? Anyway, dude is making his own Alfred Hitchcock movie on the roof and then jumps off (why didn’t he do that before? Why isn’t there more security at this prison?). Lara chases him in what looks like a leather trench, and I keep yelling at the tv, “Take your coat off! You’re gonna get stuck!!” What does she do? Gets stuck.

There’s a scene that I think only serves to reference Iggy Azalea as an “oldie” and Mom tells a story about meeting her husband on Tinder. Also, in the future, you can get pregnant in your 60s.

Mooooving on. Lara and Dash go meet with Dash’s cute twin, who can’t see the crime, but sees names and addresses. He tells them where to find Bird Dude and hits on Lara. He’s also a bit of a skeeze. . .but a cute one!

They figure out that Bird Dude is in a mall that never opened, Lara puts on her best “Shit’s gonna go down, better make sure my boobs are on display” outfit, and they find him getting ready to send Bernice and friends to attack this candidate (who used to run Pre-Crime. . .and played for the Washington Redclouds. . .also, that name finally changed). They have him cornered, and the daughter shows up with a gun (see?!) and then they kill her, and Lara is arresting the dude, but Dash pre-sees that he’s gonna stab her, so he throws him off the balcony, killing him.

We end with the two siblings. . .who see that they’re gonna be taken again to solve pre-crimes. . .

So many thoughts! First, it was a fun show – lots of cool technology to make it seem like we are in the future and technology has advanced, but not to the point where there’s nothing we recognize. For example, we still have TVs like they did 60 years ago, they just look different now. Overall, video replaces pictures, holograms replace videos. And slap bracelets can take selfies. Best of all, there was a genetic revolution that somehow made french fries healthy. I’m in, future!

There’s a lot of CGI, and I’m assuming they had more time for the pilot to make it look great. I hope that for future eps on tighter timelines that it doesn’t look fake. The story is fun with action elements, and it really makes me want to watch the movie!

Show Thesis: “For Pre-Crime to work, you can’t be able to change your destiny.”

What it’s against on my TiVo:

What it’s against that night:
ABC: Dancing with the Stars
CBS: Scorpion
CW: Jane the Virgin
NBC: The Voice

Verdict: No, but I will watch the movie!

Prediction: This is tough b/c it was a fun show, but didn’t do well in the ratings and lost audience from its lead-in (Gotham). I think it will pick up audience, so I’m gonna say. . .
Yes to Season 2.

The Breakdown
Quote from Kid Who’s Too Smart: “Sure. . .’colleague’. . .”
Over-Dramatic News Promo: A man in custody for a 30 year old cold case!!!
Unnecessary Slam on Something Innocuous:

Oh my gosh! That’s. . .




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