The review you’ll all been waiting for. . .

Network: NBC
Day/Time: Thursday 8:30pm Central
Where are we?: Somewhere with huge apartments/or young adults who live in houses

I always appreciate when shows open with the bit that has been in the commercials. . .that way I know I have the rest of the show to surprise me. So, we see Whitney and her bf sharing the mirror to get ready for a wedding. She shaves her ‘stache (which my mom always warned me not to do because then it grows in thicker. Wax!), and throws on a white dress and hoodie. Two of the worst things to wear to a wedding. She claims to have been to a bunch of them recently, so you think she’d know that.

Also, Whitney is filmed before a live studio audience (whose laughter is likely recorded during a warm-up act and then added into the appropriate jokes later). Whenever someone says “[this show] is filmed for a live studio audience” I always expect them to also say “At Nickelodeon studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Flahrida” (Melissa Joan Hart used to say Florida like that. Crazy New Yorkers!)

At the wedding, you meet their annoying friends. The overly PDAing couple (gross), the bitter divorced friend who wore pants to the wedding, and the slimeball dude friend who looked up all the bridesmaids on Facebook before the reception. How did he know their names?

Whitney ends up in a yellow dress, just like the bridesmaids (I’ve done that at weddings. Except mine was magenta. It’s always weird). She also accidentally eats a cupcake from the wedding cupcake tier. Really? She didn’t know not to do that? There are other mistakes she could have made that wouldn’t have made her look stupid. (Like the time I went to the bathroom and re-entered the hall right before the bridal party, so everybody looked up at me like I was them. awkward!) Like most annoying people, their group of friends pretty much only talk about sex, and in this convo, it comes out that the “right” number of times a week to do it is 4-5, or else you will break up. You will.

Ok, so back home we learn that Whitney wears ponytails when she’s not feeling frisky, which is all the time (and to bed. How does that not rip the shit out of her hair?). She goes to some sex shop with them (and some Asian goth chick in not enough leather), and Whitney makes the usual “You look cold” joke that you say to/about a girl with not enough clothes on (or nippies).

Whitney ends up with a slutty (ok, network TV slutty) nurse’s outfit and decides to reenact the annoying paperwork parts of going to the doctor. Her bf ends up chasing after her at one point and gets a concussion.

At the hospital, they won’t let her in to his room because she’s not a spouse or immediate family, and she realizes how important he is to her. In a weird scene with her mom, her mom keeps staring at her boobs, but it’s never acknowledged. And since she has on the slutty nurse outfit under her open coat, you’d think her mom would say something. Maybe that was cut?

He comes to and it’s all better, and she proposes to him. He knows she’s afraid of marriage and “loves her enough to not marry her.” aw.

So, I had heard that this was the worst show of the Fall before I had watched it. I really can’t say that’s true. Not that it’s very good, but it did keep my attention, at least. It’s weird, because it’s on in the middle of the block with The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Community, and it very much doesn’t fit in with those shows. It feels a little bit like a dinosaur with the live audience, the unlikable characters (except her boyfriend on the show, who is probably written as the most real), and the sex jokes. I just didn’t feel like any of it surprised me or uncovered new territory. Whitney seems like a smart person, but this isn’t a smart show, which is disappointing. It would be nice to see it and her take more risks.

What it’s against on Network TV:

CBS: Person of Interest
FOX: Bones
ABC: Grey’s Anatomy
CW: The Secret Circle

What it’s against on my DVR:
Slot 1:
Grey’s Anatomy
Slot 2: Nothing

Verdict: I won’t be adding it. . .

Prediction: Sadly, it will probably be one of the first canceled. Critics hated it, although I had friends who enjoyed it. It just seems like there’s always one half hour in Must See TV that fails.  With 30 Rock coming back in the Spring, this show doesn’t have a lot of time to make its mark.

The Breakdown

Person whose relative is a reference to Bernie Madoff: Nope!

Appearance by an incidental cop: Nope!

Weight comments: Nope!

Pearl of wisdom: “I can’t remember the last time I sat down to a meal without a DJ asking me to ‘Get this party started!'”

Weird Local News Promo Content: Cop died after smelling cleaning solution at work.

Oh my gosh! That’s: Jonathan from 30 Rock!

"I can't wait until the better show I'm on is back!"


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4 Responses to Whitney

  1. Carrie says:

    I always wear my hair in a ponytail to bed. It’s not so bad. Someone once told me sleeping on my hair would cause acne.

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